Rice Diet Lifestyle Program

Check how this program can help you reverse or prevent Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Obesity

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The beneficial effect of the Rice Diet on diabetes is particularly impressive, not only because of the effect on the blood sugar and reduced need for medication, but because of the Rice Diet's beneficial effect on blood pressure, cholesterol and the eye and kidney complications that can occur with diabetes. Some recent Rice Diet patient satistics show the following:

1. 95% of patients reduced or eliminated their diabetes medications in 4 weeks on the diet.

2. 92% of patients have reduced or eliminated their hypertension in 4 weeks on the diet

3. Within 4 weeks there was a 15% reduction in Serum Cholesterol.

4. 63% of patients could be contacted after one year reported weight the same or less than they did when they left the program and 44% after six years.

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