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Air Pollution Prevention Equipment

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Our work tables and pro draft eliminator will help reduce dust, grit, metal scale, rust, hot slag, surface coatings, glass fiberglass, fluxes, composites, etc. from entering the lungs. This equipment is great for fabrication shops, machine shops, schools and any place with a lot of dust in the workplace. Contact us for prices. Can be shipped worldwide.

ProDraft Eliminator 4400 Series
Ideal for small manufacturing operations requiring from 3,000 cfm to 4,800 cfm of dust removal.

ProDraft Eliminator 6600 Series
The modular vertically-stackable design provides customizable installations for 7,000 cfm to 12,000 cfm per module of high performance dust removal.

ProDraft Eliminator 8600 Series
For even the most demanding dust removal situations from 10,000 cfm to 16,000 cfm per module capacity and beyond, we can provide highly flexible configurations to suit any requirement.

ProDraft PD3000
High Capacity Work Bench

Grinding - Polishing - Welding - Sanding

With a ProDraft rugged air-filtering work bench, your respirable dust control problems will be solved by drawing air down and away from the breathing zone. Workers no longer need to be exposed to health hazards from irritating, toxic or carcinogenic dusts or smoke. Our work benches provide point-source dust capture within a portable and self contained unit.



ProDraft PD1500HD Work Bench The ProDraft PD1500HD and ProDraft PD3000 High Capacity work benches each provide safety from the hazardous dust sources of fractured grit, metal scale, rust, hot slag, surface coatings, glass, fibreglass, composites, fluxes, etc., - all damaging to workers' health and lungs and also tough on equipment.